LegalSource certification helps you to meet market demands for legal timber assurance and legal requirements such as the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR).

If you are based in a timber exporting country, LegalSource certification helps you provide the assurance sought by buyers in regions where strict timber regulations apply.


LegalSource Trademark 

As a LegalSourceTM certificate holder, you have earned access to the LegalSource label and claims. These visual markers create instant recognition for your commitment to legal timber sourcing.   

The LegalSource trademarks

LS labelThe name LegalSource is a registered trademark owned by NEPCon. As a LegalSource certificate holder, you may use this trademark in promotional claims and statements, providing you comply with our trademark requirements. 

You may also use the LegalSource Certified claim and label to promote products covered by your certificate or to underpin your organisation's commitment to legal timber sourcing.

Note: The LegalSource trademark is not eligible for on-product use. 

Conditions for using the LegalSource trademarks

As a LegalSource certificate holder, you need to follow the LegalSource trademark requirements which cover graphic design and credible claims. These are set out in the LegalSource Claims & Communications Procedure.

Note: You need to submit materials including LegalSource trademarks to us for approval prior to any public use.