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We work with businesses on all aspects of their sustainability journey

As a non-profit organisation, we are dedicated to helping the transition to sustainable practices for businesses and land manager


Strengthen your organisation’s commitment to sustainability, showcasing impactful business transformations.

Tailored services

With over 30 years of experience in sustainability, our experts can support you in enhancing your sustainability journey.

Expert courses

Engage in impactful training experiences through our programmes, project-specific sessions, or bespoke courses upon request.

We can help you measure your impact through our 360° approach to sustainability

Whether you are a small-scale forester, farmer or global manufacturer sourcing commodities worldwide, the Preferred by Nature Certification offers a foundation for sustainability. 


Nous proposons des services de certification dans le cadre de ces programmes reconnus

Rejoignez la lutte contre la déforestation et le changement climatique en adoptant des pratiques commerciales responsables et en obtenant la certification de l'un ou plusieurs de ces programmes.

Our tailored services give companies the support, tools, and data they need to meet their sustainability goals


We can support you in policy and strategy development, ensuring effective implementation.


Ready to lead change for a sustainable future? Join us and turn aspirations into transformative actions. Contact us.

Public Institutions

Our approach promotes engagement, embedding sustainable practices in the frame of your institution. Contact us for details.

Our impact:

In 2023, alongside our partners, we ensured the well-being, human rights and cultural heritage of approximately 950,000 farmers, foresters and related workers were respected.


Our impact:

Together with our partners, we safeguarded over 32 million hectares of forest and agricultural land from degradation and conversion in 2023.


Our impact:

In 2023, our verification efforts extended to over 5,000 companies across 100+ countries, ensuring the responsible management of lands and supply chains.


Our impact:

Throughout 2023, in collaboration with our partners, we ensured that more than 9 million hectares of forest land was set aside for conservation purposes.


Our impact:

Together with our partners, we have successfully reduced over 30,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions through carbon footprint management of business operations.


Our impact:

Our joint efforts with partners resulted in the verification of responsible ecosystem restoration practices on over 54,000 hectares of degraded land.

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Our training programme delivers high quality courses on certification schemes and sustainability topics

We have organised and delivered training for thousands of public and corporate sector stakeholders within the scope of our own training programmes, in the framework of projects, and on request.

We want to inspire, motivate, build passion and competence for a sustainable future. 


Upcoming Global Events & Training calendar

Event title Event type Language Location Dates Status
Navigating the EUDR with practical solutions for Indonesia’s supply chain Webinar Bahasa Indonesia 30 -
Meeting EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) requirements for the coffee sector Seminar English Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 15 -
FSC og PEFC sporbarhedscertificering (Chain of Custody - CoC) Seminar Danish Hørning, Denmark 28 -
FSC Chain of Custody Expert Course Expert course English Jurmala, Latvia 24 -
EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR): Bridging challenges and solutions Seminar Czech Brno, Czechia 10 -
FSC Forest Management Expert Course Expert course English Jurmala, Latvia 14 -
FSC Chain of Custody Expert Course Expert course Chinese Simplified Beijing, China 05 -
FSC Chain of Custody Expert Course Expert course English Berlin, Germany 19 -
FSC Forest Management Expert Course Expert course English Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 09 -
Ecosystem Restoration and Carbon Initiatives: A Practical Course in the Borneo Rainforest Expert course English Sabah, Malaysia 10 -

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Our experts are ready to support you on your sustainability journey.

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We support businesses and affected stakeholders in complying with the EUDR

Since the proposal for this regulation was announced in November 2021, Preferred by Nature has been following the development process closely. Backed by our years of experience in timber legality and working with a range of commodities in relation to sustainable sourcing and production, we are improving and updating our range of due diligence tools and other resources to support businesses and affected stakeholders in complying with the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR).


Need help deciding where to source sustainable ingredients? 

Get up-to-date information about regulations and the latest risk assessments for the country of your interest.


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Projects that make a difference

Smarter methods, greater impact - for people, nature and climate. Learn more about our sustainable projects.

Current projects

Sustainable Management of Small Forest Properties for Resilient Forests in Europe (SMURF)

Europe's forests, crucial for their ecological and economic value, face mounting threats. Climate change fuels extreme weather eve...


Innovation Alliance for Training Programmes for Deforestation-Free Supply Chains in Europe (EMM...

Deforestation is the primarily result of the expansion of agricultural land for forest risk commodities (FRCs) such as cattle, woo...

Empowering Indonesian rice farmers with sustainable practices for better livelihoods

Empowering Indonesian rice farmers with sustainable practices for better livelihoods

Globally, 20 million hectares of rice fields are prone to floods; another 20 million hectares are susceptible to drought. Rice cul...

Strengthening forest management practices in Vietnam for improved livelihoods and economic development

Strengthening forest management practices in Vietnam for improved livelihoods and economic deve...

Forests are important in the global carbon cycle, carbon sequestration and storage. Although Vietnam increases in overall forest c...