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  • June: Preferred by Nature is now an ISEAL Community Member (English, Spanish, French)
  • April: Preferred by Nature now verifies carbon projects + Sri Lanka’s ecosystem restoration efforts (English)
  • February: New global Risk Information Alliance + first two Preferred by Nature certification in LATAM (English, French, Spanish)


  • December: New open-source framework enhances rubber traceability for sustainable supply chains (English)
  • November: Deforestation: Geospatial Data Sharing Protocol to boost supply chain transparency and reduce impact (English, Spanish, French)
  • September: The hummingbird is flying - on a guitar played by legends (English, Spanish, French)
  • June: Join us in Berlin to prepare European businesses for a future with the EU Deforestation Regulation (English, Spanish)
  • April: Aligning with the EUDR: Preferred by Nature's Sustainability Framework now open for consultation (EnglishSpanish
  • February: The ‘Lost World of Sabah’: Nordic scientists gain fast-track access to Maliau Basin (English)


  • December: New EU law on deforestation – hope for forests, a game changer for companies (English, Spanish)
  • October: Special Edition: A Recap on FSC General Assembly 2022 (English, Spanish)
  • September: New Anti-Deforestation Regulation To Replace EUTR (English, Spanish)
  • April: Ukraine Invasion: A Third Of The World’s Sustainable Timber Banned Or Sanctioned (English, Spanish)
  • January: New EU anti-deforestation regulation could make significant impact, but ignores taxes and human rights (English)


  • December: Use the Sustainability Framework to ‘tick all boxes’ in the new EU deforestation regulation (English, Spanish)
  • November: Sustainability Framework is helping Maersk navigate in search for new biofuels (English, Spanish)
  • October: New ‘Gold Standard’ for ecosystem restoration (English, Spanish)
  • September: Our partnership with Rainforest Alliance to provide agriculture certification in over 40 countries (English, Spanish)
  • June: Launching today! Sustainability Framework Stakeholder Consultation (English, Spanish)
  • May: Gloves are off: Rainbow Warriors Vs. Sustainable Certification (English, Spanish
  • March: How blockchain is placing one timber trader ahead of the curve (English, Spanish)
  • January: First 1,045 farms now ready to deliver ‘SRP-Verified’ sustainable rice (English)


  • December: “Global pledges are failing. We should stop playing games.” (English)
  • October: Certifying Siberia: How auditing is raising forestry standards in Russia (English, Spanish
  • August: New partnership to accelerate the uptake of ethical supply chain commitments (English, Spanish)
  • June: Certified Asturian forests preserve watershed and the native brown bear habitat (English, Spanish)
  • May: Auditing standards remain in place despite COVID-19 challenges (English, Spanish)
  • March: NEPCon and Covid-19 (English, Spanish)
  • February: FSC™ no Silver Bullet against Illegal Timber Trade in Ukraine (English, Spanish)


  • December: Certified bamboo plantations improve water quality in Ecuador (English, Spanish)
  • September: Fact check: Where does biomass come from? (English, Spanish)
  • August: NEPCon and Climate Neutral Group partner to develop certification programme to help business reduce their climate impact (English, Spanish)
  • May: CMPC becomes first in Chile to achieve FSC™ Project Certification (English, Spanish)  
  • March: NEPCon establishes South Asian Regional Hub in India (English


  • December: Meet seven of the winners of 2018 FSC Leadership Awards (English)
  • October: Updated Report on Alternatives to Facilitate FSC Certification for Community Forest Operations (English)
  • July: NEPCon and Rainforest Alliance sign agreement for certification programme acquisition, delivering credible services at global scale (English)
  • April: Kyrgyz smallholders reap the fruits of NTFP certification (English)
  • February: 460 timber traders across Europe learned how to dodge the risk of importing illegal timber (English)


  • December: EU and Poland arm-wrestling about Białowieża – Europe’s largest primeval forest (English)
  • October: The business case for getting sustainability certification for timber or palm oil: a case study from Malaysia (English)
  • August: New timber risk assessments help companies source legal wood (English)
  • April: NEPCon approved as RSPO certification body (English)
  • February: New LegalSourceTM standard released (English)
  • January: Sourcing FSC Controlled Wood (or PEFC equivalent)? Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 released: find out which countries are now high risk for timber illegality (English)


  • December: Swedish court case clarifies due diligence required for Myanmar timber (English)
  • November: Stay warm in winter and cool in summer with FSC-certified insulation (English)
  • October: Sauna complex gains Finland’s first-ever FSC project certificate (English)
  • July: Furniture company: Due diligence is worth the hassle (English)
  • April: The FSC Controlled Wood system undergoes major change (English)


  • December: FLEGT must move forward full steam ahead (English)
  • October: Latvian company earns first European certificate for responsible biomass (English)
  • June: Dutch biomass deal creates green lane for FSC (English)