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Meet the SRP Squad: How a new generation of rice farmers are pioneering sustainability in Indonesia

Young rice farmers in Central Java are challenging traditional cultivation methods to make the World’s most popular grain sustainable.

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Silke joined our Junior Talent Programme!

“This has been an experience for life. It’s been incredibly exciting to experience javanese culture with all its facets, including food, theatre, religion and superstition. Travelling is always interesting as it teaches us something about ourselves and our own culture, and this has certainly been no exception. In addition, I have of course gained a lot of experience, which I can make use of in my future work.”

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See what Silke thinks about it!

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Why eco-labels matter?

A growing number of consumers are willing to pay that little bit extra to ensure their coffee, bananas or furniture have been sourced and produced sustainably. But can you trust their claims, and what impact do they actually make? Learn more about eco-labels and our approach.


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Biomass is essential for sustainable development, reducing carbon emissions, and providing renewable energy. Its growing utilisation highlights its importance in combating climate change and promoting sustainable practices across various industries.

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While vital for food security, cattle also contribute to deforestation and climate change. Focused efforts are needed to promote sustainable practices that enhance biodiversity, soil health and the well-being of people and animals.

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Addressing climate change is urgent for sustainable development. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions emissions through innovative strategies is essential to mitigate its impact.

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Cocoa farming impacts the environment, economy and climate globally. Sustainable practices such as agroforestry can mitigate its negative effects, making cocoa relevant for climate change mitigation.

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Balancing economic sustainability with responsible production practices is crucial in the coffee industry. Adapting to climate change while meeting rising global demand is essential for sustainable coffee production.

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Revitalising ecosystems is crucial for our planet’s health and preservation. Combating deforestation and degradation with sustainable practices ensures long-term recovery.

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Palm Oil

Palm oil production supports economies but raises environmental and social concerns. Sustainable practices are crucial to address issues such as deforestation and labour rights.

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Rice production significantly impacts climate and nature. Addressing emissions, water usage and deforestation in rice farming can lead to positive environmental changes.

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Natural rubber is essential for industries but contributes to deforestation and biodiversity loss. Addressing sustainability concerns such as poor working conditions is crucial in rubber production.

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Soy plays a vital role in global food security and biofuel production. Emphasising sustainable growth is essential to address environmental challenges in soy farming.

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Timber's global impacts on people, nature and climate require sustainable management. Forests are essential for biodiversity as well as soil and water conservation.

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The travel industry's sustainability intersects with environmental conservation and cultural preservation. Responsible consumption and support for local communities are crucial for sustainable travel.

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Our mission extends beyond these focus areas to any crop or product with potential for sustainable impact. We support conservation and ecosystem restoration projects worldwide and help businesses adapt to changing regulations.

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farmers, workers and land managers are assured that their well-being, human rights and cultural heritage are protected.


32.6 million

hectares of land where nature and environment are protected from degradation and conversion through use of sustainability standards.



tonnes of CO2 emissions have been reduced, thus lowering the climate impact.


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Current projects

Sustainable Management of Small Forest Properties for Resilient Forests in Europe (SMURF)

Europe's forests, crucial for their ecological and economic value, face mounting threats. Climate change fuels extreme weather eve...


Innovation Alliance for Training Programmes for Deforestation-Free Supply Chains in Europe (EMM...

Deforestation is the primarily result of the expansion of agricultural land for forest risk commodities (FRCs) such as cattle, woo...

Empowering Indonesian rice farmers with sustainable practices for better livelihoods

Empowering Indonesian rice farmers with sustainable practices for better livelihoods

Globally, 20 million hectares of rice fields are prone to floods; another 20 million hectares are susceptible to drought. Rice cul...

Strengthening forest management practices in Vietnam for improved livelihoods and economic development

Strengthening forest management practices in Vietnam for improved livelihoods and economic deve...

Forests are important in the global carbon cycle, carbon sequestration and storage. Although Vietnam increases in overall forest c...


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