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Let us shape a sustainable future together

Preferred by Nature is a global non-profit working to drive sustainable impact for people, nature and climate. 

Preferred by Nature accelerating its climate action through carbon project verification

As Preferred by Nature commemorates three decades of dedicated mission fulfilment for people, nature and the climate, we are pleased to share we are now ready to verify carbon projects under the three leading carbon standards: Verra - Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards (CCB), the Gold Standard...

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Бъдете в течение на актуалните новини. Абонирайте се за нашия бюлетин.

Why we do what we do

We drive sustainable change

Every human being deserves a good life. The challenge lies in reaching this goal, while protecting the natural environment on which we depend and which is increasingly under pressure. 

Building on our nonprofit mission, we have created a free and universal framework to support everyone, from smallholders to global brands, on their sustainable journey.

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We achieve tangible results


Our approach focuses on the areas we believe hold the most potential for sustainable impact. 
Learn more about our challenges, methods and results in our focus areas section.


30 years of impact

Creating sustainable impact is at the heart of our mission.



farmers, workers and land managers are assured that their well-being, human rights and cultural heritage are protected.


32.6 million

hectares of land where nature and environment are protected from degradation and conversion through use of sustainability standards.



tonnes of CO2 emissions have been reduced, thus lowering the climate impact.

Why eco-labels matter?

Our world is faced with huge challenges. Climate change, deforestation and poverty. Preferred by Nature's experts are working globally to ensure the most critical commodities in our food and energy supply chains are produced with the highest sustainable standards.  

The Hummingbird Seal on the chocolate bar you eat, the paper you write on or the furniture you sit in, is a guarantee that we have done everything we can to ensure it has been produced with respect for nature, climate and people.  

Help us create a sustainable impact. Be a hummingbird! 


Център за знания: Споделянето е грижа

Ние споделяме нашите знания, ноу-хау и дългогодишен опит свободно с всеки, който желае да започне промяна. Посетете нашия център за знания, за да откриете статии, проучвания и семинари - и не се колебайте да споделите!


Информираността е важна

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