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Preferred by Nature is now an ISEAL Community Member

By Preferred by Nature

Joining as an ISEAL Community Member, Preferred by Nature is integrating our comprehensive sustainability efforts into a wide-reaching network fostered by ISEAL, the global membership organisation for ambitious and transparent sustainability systems.

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, this defining moment comes as a recognition of Preferred by Nature's firm commitment to sustainability and our influential role in promoting responsible practices across various sectors and commodities. 

Preferred by Nature has a long history of active engagement with ISEAL, including contributions to technical committees and engagement with ISEAL Community Members. 

ISEAL Community Members are sustainability systems committed to continually improving their systems and building trust within the learning community. By joining this global network, Preferred by Nature demonstrates its commitment to align with the ISEAL principles for our own developed certification scheme, reflecting our efforts for continuous improvement.

“Ever since I joined the first ISEAL symposium 13 years ago, Preferred by Nature has enjoyed engaging in various initiatives and collaborating with members.”

Peter Feilberg
Preferred by Nature’s Executive Director 

“Now, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we're making it official as an ISEAL Community Member. ISEAL symbolises innovation, where like-minded sustainability schemes share ideas for greater impact. Our passion for improving sustainability certification fits perfectly here. We’re excited to continue sharing, learning, and inspiring each other for a better future for people, nature, and the climate”, added Peter. 

The Preferred by Nature Certification has been a cornerstone of this journey and stands at the heart of our mission to lead the shift to sustainable land use and business practices. The programme is based on the Sustainability Framework – an outcome-focused and risk-based standard guiding forestry, agriculture and supply chain actors towards sustainable practices.

“The Sustainability Framework has been developed over several years, underpinned by the LegalSource standard. This versatile scheme akin to a Swiss Army knife, serves as a comprehensive guide for stakeholders to navigate the complexities of regulatory, ESG and due diligence requirements for agriculture and forest commodities.” 

Hando Hain  
Preferred by Nature’s Director of Strategy and Innovation 

As an ISEAL Community Member, we will continue to reference the ISEAL Code, aligning with the ISEAL’s principles and contributing to a collective learning and sharing environment. 

“I have watched Preferred by Nature grow and develop and witnessed their dedication over the years. I value Preferred by Nature’s engagement with ISEAL and wish them a warm welcome as an ISEAL Community Member. I look forward to working with them in the future.”  

Karin Kreider
ISEAL’s Executive Director 

As we mark 30 years of progress, Preferred by Nature looks to the future with renewed enthusiasm. Our journey has been deeply engaged with ISEAL and many of its ISEAL Community Members since the establishment of this organisation. Now in the new role as an ISEAL Community Member, we are excited to continue and enhance our collaboration with the ISEAL community to support sustainability initiatives.


For an in-depth look at the Preferred by Nature Certification and our Sustainability Framework, please visit our webpage


For more information, please contact:

Hando Hain
Director of Strategy and Innovation

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