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Romanian ice cream company earns the Rainforest Alliance Supply Chain Certification

By Preferred by Nature

Cicom SRL, a leading ice cream company in Romania, has achieved the Rainforest Alliance Supply Chain certification for its cocoa products. The certification, granted by Preferred by Nature, recognises Cicom SRL’s commitment to responsible production and sourcing. 

Cicom SRL has been in the ice cream business for over 20 years, specialising in private label ice cream production. The company boasts a modern factory that meets both nationally and internationally standards of quality.

To earn the certification, Cicom SRL underwent a strict assessment by Preferred by Nature against the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard: Supply Chain Requirements. The standard covers environmental, social and economic criteria for agricultural production and supply chain management.

Navigating complex supply chains

‘Private label’ describes goods sold under the name of the store that sells them, rather than the name of the manufacturer. Private label manufacturers undergo comprehensive checks from their partners, ensuring products meet the highest food safety standards. This also means dealing with a range of different actors throughout their supply chains – adding a level of complexity.

This certification allows Cicom SRL to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal on its products, which signifies that the cocoa beans used in its ice cream have been grown and harvested with respect for the environment, human rights and livelihoods.  

“Achieving the Rainforest Alliance Supply Chain certification marks our commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing, ensuring that our customers and partners can trust that they are receiving delicious and ethically produced ice cream,” expressed Sorina Coman, Marketing Coordinator at Cicom SRL.

“This certification not only validates our efforts but also reinforces our position as a leader in the Romanian ice cream market. We are proud to have reached this milestone and look forward to continuing our sustainability journey with Preferred by Nature,” 

Sorina Coman
Marketing Coordinator at Cicom SRL

Tudor Serban – Romania Country Representative for Preferred by Nature praised Cicom SRL for their initiative and commitment to sustainability.

“The certification of Cicom SRL is a milestone for sustainable agriculture in Romania, and a model for other businesses in the region,” said Tudor.

“Preferred by Nature is delighted to partner with Cicom SRL in this process. We have been working with farms and agricultural supply chain organisations in over 45 countries to promote sustainable practices in this sector. Our certification services supports companies like Cicom SRL to demonstrate their commitment to the high standards of sustainability,” added Tudor Serban.

Ensuring responsible sourcing practices

The Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Supply Chain certification is a globally recognised standard that aims to promote more sustainable agricultural production and responsible supply chain management. This certification ensures that certified products and businesses adhere to comprehensive environmental, social, and economic sustainability criteria.

By aligning with the Rainforest Alliance requirements, Cicom SRL demonstrates its dedication to not only producing high-quality products but also ensuring environmental stewardship, social equity and economic viability in its operations.

“This achievement reflects a growing movement towards environmental responsibility in the local business sector, demonstrating that economic success and environmental stewardship can indeed coexist harmoniously,” explained Tudor.

As consumers increasingly gravitate toward environmentally responsible products, such initiatives like Cicom SRL’s place responsible businesses at the forefront of this growing trend.

Cover photo courtesy of Cicom SRL

Preferred by Nature is an accredited Rainforest Alliance certification body, evaluating companies’ compliance with the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Requirements for farms and other agricultural supply chain actors. For more information, visit our dedicated Rainforest Alliance certification page

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Tudor Serban
Senior Partners Relationship Specialist

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