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EU Deforestation Regulation: Get ready with our overview, updates and solutions

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EUDR: Get ready with our overview, updates and solutions


Access the Japanese version.

Heads up businesses in Japan! The date for EUDR application is fast approaching, bringing significant implications for Japanese businesses. The European Commission has recently released key updates that may impact compliance strategies. Join this free webinar, conducted in Japanese, to equip yourself with the latest information and solutions to navigate the evolving EUDR landscape.

Come 30 December 2024, the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) will enforce strict due diligence requirements for companies involved in placing the following commodities on the EU market: cattle, coffee, cocoa, palm oil, rubber, soy, wood, and their derivative products. Under the EUDR, companies must ensure their products originate from deforestation-free sources, produced in accordance with relevant legislation in the country of production, and accompanied by a relevant due diligence statement.

The EUDR impacts various industries, including those prominent in Japan such as agriculture, forestry and manufacturing. Businesses involved in these sectors must adhere to the regulation if they are to export products to the EU market. 

In this free-of-charge webinar, we will focus on specific EUDR requirements, the latest updates and how companies should meet these requirements. We will also share various solutions based on the Sustainability Framework which has been aligned with the EUDR requirements.


How to register

We invite interested parties to join us on 17 June 2024 from 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm (JST). The webinar is free of charge. Please submit your registration here

This webinar is part of Preferred by Nature's efforts to raise awareness about and support the implementation of the EUDR around the globe. 

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3.00 pm – 3.10 pmWelcome note & introduction
3.10 pm – 3.25 pmEUDR overview
3.25 pm – 3.40 pmEUDR latest updates
3.40 pm – 4.00 pmHow Preferred by Nature can help
4.00 pm – 4.30 pmQ&A session


Yuki Nakamura, Japan Country Manager at Preferred by Nature

With over 15 years of experience in social forestry, forestry management and supply chain management, both domestically and internationally, Yuki specialises in FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade) primarily focusing on Asia, Oceania and Eastern Europe. He provides due diligence support and certification audits for a wide range of stakeholders dealing with forest risk commodities, ensuring legal and sustainable sourcing. Yuki has previously served as a project leader for producing the Country-Specific Legality Information (Clean Wood Navi) of the Forestry Agency (FA) of Japan and as a working group member for producing the due diligence guidelines of the FA. Additionally, he acted as the Japan correspondent editor for the FAOLEX database forestry sector. Yuki holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from the State University of New York and a Master’s degree in Forest Ecology & Management from the University of Freiburg, Germany.

>> Learn more about the EUDR

Japanese version


場所: オンライン
言語: 日本語
開始時間: 2024 年 6 月 17 日(月)午後 3 時
終了時間: 2024 年 6 月 17 日(月)午後 4 時 30 分

 日本のビジネスも注意が必要です。EUDRの適用開始日が目前に迫っており、これは日本企業にとっても大きな影響をもたらしうるものです。 欧州委員会は最近、企業のコンプライアンス戦略に影響を与える可能性のある重要な更新情報をリリースしました。 日本語で行われるこの無料ウェビナーに参加して、変容する EUDRに対応するための最新情報とソリューションについて理解を深めましょう。

2024 年 12 月 30 日までに、EU森林破壊規制(EUDR)は、畜牛、コーヒー、ココア、パーム油、天然ゴム、大豆、木材、およびそれらの派生製品などの商品をEU 市場へ流通させる企業に対する、厳格なデューデリジェンス要件を施行します。EUDRに基づき、対象企業は自社の製品の原料が、森林破壊を伴わずかつ生産国の関連法に従って生産されたことを確かにし、更にそのことを示すデューデリジェンス声明を提出する必要があります。


この無料のウェビナーでは、特定のEUDR要件、最新の更新情報、企業がこれらの要件を満たす方法に焦点を当てます。 また、EUDR要件に合わせた持続可能性フレームワークに基づくさまざまなソリューションについても共有します。




このウェビナーは、世界中でEUDRについての認識を広め、その施行を支援するPreferred by Natureによる取組の一環です。

ご質問は、 までお問い合わせください。



3.00 pm – 3.10 pmはじめに
3.10 pm – 3.25 pmEUDRの概要 
3.25 pm – 3.40 pmEUDR最新の更新情報
3.40 pm – 4.00 pmPreferred by Natureによるサポート
4.00 pm – 4.30 pm質疑応答


中村 有紀 (Preferred by Nature日本支部代表)


>> EUDR の詳細については、こちらをクリックしてください。


Yuki Nakamura
Country Manager - Japan

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